Name: Jakob Samuel
Born: Conceived at Woodstock
Instrument: Vocals
Equipment: Vocal cords of steel. Sennheiser microphones and InEar systems
Role Models: Ronnie J. Dio,David Coverdale,Rob Halford
Interests: Everything that makes life worth living, sailing, my family, books, movies, rock hard and festivities
Bands played in: Talisman, Jekyll & Hyde, Midnight Sun, The Ring, etc.
Favourite album: Black Sabbath “Mob Rules”“An album with strength, pride, dynamics, beauty and weight in perfect symbiosis”

Worst tour memory: Outdoor show at a biker party in the Värmland forests in the middle of the night a couple of years ago,during a storm in pouring rain and microphones leading power.

Allases: Scatcat



Name: Henrik Bergqvist
Born: Year before KISS was formed
Instrument: Guitar
Equipment: Gibson Les Paul, Marshall amplifiers
Role Models: Jimmy Page, Ace Frehley, Frank Marino, Zakk Wylde
Interests: Music, literature, languages, movies and art
Bands played in: Four Sticks, Southfork, Tiamat
Favourite album: Led Zeppelin IV “There are too many reasons to mention for why this is the best rock’n’roll album of all time.”

Worst tour memory: Several years ago I was with my band in the south of Sweden to play over the summer at a popular establishment. The organiser convinced us to go on a “promotion tour” to let everybody know that we were playing at his place. He crammed all of us in the back of a small,open truck with a diesel engine to power our equipment. As we suffocated from the fumes playing Top 40 songs,he hauled us all around town like monkeys in a cage only to end the horribly planned trip in the back yard of his parents’ upper-class friend’s house,who had gathered a group of equally upper-class people to celebrate midsummer with them. The rest is too gruesome to mention but I can tell you that the whole spectacle ended in us pushing the truck,which was by then stuck in the lawn we rolled in on,getting sprayed with mud and dirt as we did so. Any other disastrous gig pales in comparison.

Aliases: Hank-Tank, The new guy, Hebbe-lille



Name: Johan Flodqvist.
Born: In a cave, raised by wolves.
Instrument: Bass and vocals.
Equipment: Spector basses, Shure wireless, Furch acoustic basses.
Role Models: Dio, Maiden, Whitesnake, Ozzy etc. .
Interests: A real movie buff, hangin' out with friends and enjoyin' life in general.
Bands played in: Fatal Smile, Holy Diamonds, solo artist.
Favourite album: Black Sabbath "Headless Cross".

Worst tour memory: A 35 hours transport to a show in Munich, the band split up and it was only 35 hours back the way we came.



Name: Christian Lundqvist
Born: Last in the band
Instrument: Drums
Equipment: Mapex, Zildjan
Role Models: Vinnie Appice, Cozy Powell
Interests: Submarine make-outs
Bands played in: RAW, Peter & The Chiefs
Favourite album: Dio “Last In Line” “A fully moulded album totally without weaknesses!”

Worst tour memory: 12 tickets sold & only three people and an old ugly dog showed up at Folkets Hus in Säffle,Sweden -99. (This happened before The Poodles…)

Aliases: Kicken